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We’ll be starting  Beloved this week, so here’s some fun stuff for your consideration.beloved

As you read, keep in mind that despite all the ghosts and unbelievable atrocities in the novel, Beloved is actually rooted in history and everything is there for a reason.  You can read the true story of Margaret Garner, the inspiration for Beloved, here: Garner bio or here: “Dreadful Slave Tragedy”

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Fences Trailer

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Opens Christmas day!!!

11 Honors Fences Final Project

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fencesIt’s the ninth inning on this play and I’m hoping for you guys to knock it out of the park with our fences-final-project.  In short, in groups of 3-4 you need to write a brief analysis of one of the ideas we’ve discussed in class such as symbolism, setting, exile, or moral ambiguity and then create your own literary work that uses that same method.  If you need to refresh yourself on some of the themes we talked about in class, they can be found here: fences-themes

Annotated Bibliography

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annotated-bib-exampleAP students, your project for the first quarter is an annotated-bibliography- compiling research on either Fences or Beloved.  We’re looking at some criticism in class which you can use as part of the bibliography (see the bottom of the Fences post) and we’ll do the same with Beloved too.   Dates for presenting your annotated bibliographies are as follows: Fences: 9/28, 29, 30, 10/3, 10/4; Beloved: 10/17, 18, 20, 21.  You must sign up for the date first.  There’s a sign up sheet in class.

swing-for-the-fences-vinyl-wall-designWe’re reading Fences in class, (the long awaited Denzel Washington movie version comes out December 25!)  Here’s a PDF of the script in case you fall behind: fences

11th graders, the free writing can be found here: fences-freewrites in case you miss a day.  While I encourage you to try to articulate theme in your own words based on your reading and our discussion, here are some  Fences Themes

All: In Act 1, Scene 3 we’ll compare James Earl Jones’ interpretation of the  “How come you ain’t never liked me?” scene with Denzel Washington’s:

You can check out a few more scenes from Broadway’s 2010 revival here.

AP kiddos: there’s a bunch of criticism you might find helpful in interpretting the play.  You’ll be assigned one of the following to read and present to the class: Baseball as History and Myth in August Wilson’s FencesWife as MediatorWalking around Fences, or Wrestling Jacob.  You’ll have to answer these questions too: criticism-questions


Drama Terms

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Here are some drama-terms from class with which you may get lit. #punny 🙂


While this might be creative, it's not really what we mean when we say make your resume attractive :)

While this might be creative, it’s not really what we mean when we say make your resume attractive 🙂

College Admissions Essay: One of the first things we’re doing is writing college admissions essays and resumes.  Here’s a great (and short) article on admissions essays: writing the essay sound advice from an expert.  Or you can read it here.  Bring prompts to class to work on.  (If you aren’t applying to a college that requires an entrance essay, use the Common App prompt).  A polished draft of one of your entrance essays is due on September 19.

Why?  You might ask . . . in most cases it won’t make or break your admission chances, but the entrance essay is an opportunity to introduce yourself, in your voice, and bring out things that don’t normally appear on an application or resume (so don’t just repeat your resume).  Here’s a good article SHOWING what the admissions essay can do: “Hidden Gold in College Applications.”

Resume (also due September 19): As far as resumes, there’s a wealth of information out there — search for it!  Resumes have changed a lot since your parents or I learned how to do them, namely by becoming more dynamic, so I encourage you to do some research on your own beyond what we tell you.  Look at examples and use templates to format your resume properly and attractively.