swing-for-the-fences-vinyl-wall-designWe’re reading Fences in class, (the long awaited Denzel Washington movie version comes out December 25!)  Here’s a PDF of the script in case you fall behind: fences

11th graders, the free writing can be found here: fences-freewrites in case you miss a day.  While I encourage you to try to articulate theme in your own words based on your reading and our discussion, here are some  Fences Themes

All: In Act 1, Scene 3 we’ll compare James Earl Jones’ interpretation of the  “How come you ain’t never liked me?” scene with Denzel Washington’s:

You can check out a few more scenes from Broadway’s 2010 revival here.

AP kiddos: there’s a bunch of criticism you might find helpful in interpretting the play.  You’ll be assigned one of the following to read and present to the class: Baseball as History and Myth in August Wilson’s FencesWife as MediatorWalking around Fences, or Wrestling Jacob.  You’ll have to answer these questions too: criticism-questions



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