“I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine”:

Posted: September 27, 2016 in Grotesque

We’ll be starting  Beloved this week, so here’s some fun stuff for your consideration.beloved

As you read, keep in mind that despite all the ghosts and unbelievable atrocities in the novel, Beloved is actually rooted in history and everything is there for a reason.  You can read the true story of Margaret Garner, the inspiration for Beloved, here: Garner bio or here: “Dreadful Slave Tragedy”

More stuff you should know after the break.

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The-Beloved-Oprah-TIME-MAGAZINE-girl-power-9642728-378-500Beloved follows a rather nonlinear plot line and can be quite confusing (not unlike the arduous process of piecing together and healing from a disjointed past). There are, however, several Beloved timelines out there if you need to consult one as you read.

There is a wide breadth of criticism written on Toni Morrison’s Beloved of which we’ll cover a small sampling:

amy denver and human need by Nicole M. Coonradt

quilt as storyteller by Janice Barnes Daniel


Additionally, you may find the following helpful in understanding the novel.  Having a deeper understanding of the novel as well as the scholarship published about it well help you grasp and command the content well enough to manipulate it in seminar discussion and on written portions of your test.beloved cover

allegorically authoring white christianity by Peggy Ochoa

Lacanian analysis of Beloved by Sheldon George

mother daughter relationship by Teresa N. Washington

restorative power of sound by Roxane R. Reed

A list of the prompts on which Beloved has been named can be found here: Open Response Prompts on which Beloved has appeared. You will be asked to write theses on some of these prompts and should be prepared to talk, if not write, on any of them.  Furthermore, here is a gallery walk we will be doing in class on a few of the prompts to help you through the brainstorming and thesis formation process: Beloved Gallery Walk

song of songs

You may also find it helpful and interesting to read Song of Songs from which Beloved takes her name and after which Morrison models one of her chapters.  Those Song of Songs chapters also establish Beloved as having memories or experiences of one who was on the Middle Passage or who has come back from an African underworld (check out this abstract, for example).

Believe it or not, they’ve even made an opera out of Beloved:


“Toni Morrison [ . . .]  says it’s not a story about race. It’s more about the internal struggles that result from the institution of slavery.

‘The interest is not the fact of slavery, but of what happens internally, emotionally, psychologically, when you are in fact enslaved and what you do you do to try to transcend that circumstance. And that really is what Margaret Garner reveals,’ Morrison says” (Scott) — full story on NPR.org


And last but not least, there’s a pretty decent Thug Notes on the novel as well:



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