Frederick Douglass and Slave Narratives

Posted: January 3, 2017 in English 11 Honors, Uncategorized, Unit 3: Narrative in Multiple Mediums, The African-American Experience

frederick-douglass-quotes-2In class we read some slave spirituals and an article on Harriet Tubman to introduce the Underground Railroad.  (Slave Spirituals questions)

On Wednesday (1/4) we’re starting the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.  You will have to complete a frederick-douglass-reading-guide each day.  We’ll also have some frederick-douglas-freewrites most days.

Click through the break to see some fun stuff on Douglass

Here’s the quick history bite we viewed before break.  You’ll notice a lot of the points brought up here and in class are also illustrated in Douglass’s narrative.

Librivox is a great resource for audiobooks to keep you plugging along in your reading. Many of their recordings can also be found reproduced on youtube.

A brief overview and history of Douglass thanks to PBS can be found here.

And for the adventurous viewer, here’s a little history on Douglass’s legacy after freedom, because what’s more fun than Don Cheadle and Will Farrell?  🙂


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