Posted: March 27, 2017 in English 11 Honors

If you missed a day and need the Clue activity from class, here it is: Clue Murder Suspects.  Don’t forget to differentiate between fact, conjecture, and bias when building your arguments.  Click below for the further clues that were revealed in class each day.

A search of Scarlet’s phone shows that she was not just texting in her room at the time of the murder, she was sexting with Colonel Mustard (which is possibly why it took him so long to get to his poker game).

A prenuptial agreement was discovered between Mrs. Peacock and Mr. Boddy.  She does not get estate in the event of his death.

An undelivered note to Mrs. Peacock was discovered in Mr. Green’s jacket professing his love for her.

A letter was found in Mrs. White’s room that shows the result of DNA testing and Scarlet is, in fact, Mr. Body’s daughter!

DNA testing has confirmed that the hair found on the rope does in fact belong to Mr. Green.

The coroner declared asphyxiation as the official cause of death.


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