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OthelloiagomovieAlright 11th graders, it’s time for our last major unit of the year, Shakespeare.  Here’s the script we’ll be using in class: Othello abridged and the introductory materials we covered: Shakespeare Uncovered Othello, which goes along with this video, and Shakespeare in translation Othello, for which you might need 80 troublesome Shakesepearean words and Understanding early modern English.  Let’s not forget our Shakespeare Insult Kit — that was fun 🙂 and Shakespeare background . . . and Othello simplified characters and synopsis.

Click below for due dates and more helpful stuff:

Need a little extra help?  Librivox has a free audiobook of Othello that you can stream, download, or get from itunes.  Head over to YouTube and check out the SparkNotes video summary.  Wait, did a teacher just tell us to use SparkNotes — yep, sure did.  Sites like SparkNotes and Schmoop are great supplements for difficult texts.  Notice I said supplement, not replacement.  If you tried eating supplements for every meal you’d be left pretty hungry, same here.  Don’t copy, don’t replace, but do supplement and use.  That’s what they’re there for.  YouTube also has some old school movies of Othello such as this Orson Welles version.  And, best of all, Thug Notes’ summary of Othello is simply delicious! (beware profanity though).

In case you miss a day: Othello warm-ups

and Othello symbol, motif, and theme

Our  Othello fashion show will be on Monday, May 8th.  If you are out and unable to participate, you can always draw your character or use a paper doll template and label each detail of the wardrobe and what each piece communicates about that character.  Don’t forget your two quotes.

Then we’ll work on your Othello adaptation in the computer lab on 5/9-12.

We’ll have our Othello test on Monday, May 15th, then you’ll start filming in the media center and maker space on May 16th, which you’ll present to the class on May 22nd.


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