Final Research Essay

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crying joy

Here it is, the long awaited final!  The last assignment!  The last paper you’ll have to write for me, and probably the last one for all of high school!  Excited?  I know I am!  To be quite honest, this is also the assignment that will prove most helpful for the types of assignments and writing that will be expected of you in college, so working hard on this will make things a lot easier for you next year.

The complete final essay with works cited and title page must be submitted to Turnitin by 11:59 PM on May 31st.  Turnitin will not accept it after that, so please do not wait for the last minute.

Final project 2017

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    1. Read several short stories and poems. Do this wisely: look up what they’re about, read a sample paragraph, ask friends for recommendations, etc.  Although it might be tempting to jump to the shortest ones, if you choose stories you have nothing to say about or that aren’t interesting to you, this project will be much harder.  You’re also looking for short stories and poems that share some commonality or contrast in content (theme, message, etc.).  You may re-use stories and poems from your reflection assignments, use new ones, or a combination.
    2. Choose two that you would like to write about and formulate a thesis. Run this thesis by me.
    3. Next, fortify your ideas with research. Starting with your own ideas, then adding support through secondary sources like this is a good way to ensure you have an original voice and argument.  Research 4-6 secondary sources on your work.  You may use reputable web resources, but at least three sources must be from scholarly journals.   You may use the databases on NCWISEOWL, but UNCG’s Jackson library has many more sources that cannot be found online, so you are encouraged to check that out too.
    4. Write a 3-5 page paper in MLA format.
      1. In addition to the 3-5 pages of text, you need to have a title page with a catchy title and subtitle, i.e. nothing like “Short Story Essay”
      2. And you need to have a properly formatted MLA works cited page with your two primary sources (the short stories and/or poems, silly) and 4-6 secondary sources. You must cite the version you consulted.  If you need help on this, try Purdue OWL.
    5. Your paper must include:
      1. An original, insightful argument supported by primary and secondary sources in addition to your own logic and development.
      2. You must have quotes from your primary sources and at least two of your secondary sources properly integrated into your argument and properly cited in the text (MLA format).
      3. You are writing one comprehensive paper, not two little ones. Rather than analyzing one short story, then another with no connection between the two, analyze some commonality between the stories you’ve chosen to talk about.  You might, for example:
        1. Analyze and compare different approaches to similar themes
        2. Analyze and compare similar or different takes on the same subject matter
        3. Include an analytical comparison of how two different authors use the same literary devices, or achieve the same effect through different devices.
  1. This is your final and worth 20% of your grade.  Treat it as such.  Please, pay close attention to the instructions and follow them!  It is my hope that this will work to boost your grade for the year rather than work punitively.


    *** Your rough draft is due on turnitin on May 24th ***

    *** Your final draft is due on turnitin on May 31st ***

    If you miss this due date or do not meet the requirements of this paper, your grade will be deducted accordingly and you will have to come in for a review session from 9-12 on June 5th.


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