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The week of November 26th we’ll be rotating through small group discussions on your four bildungsroman novels and while we’re doing that, you’ll have two tasks to complete:

Complete an outline comparing two different settings from your respective novels: The Role of Setting and Geography in Invisible Man,  The Role of Setting and Geography in Middlesex,   The Role of Setting and Geography in Purple Hibiscus, or Rosings vs  Pemberley  canterbury-cathedral

Then read “Cathedrals” by Raymond Carver and answer the following with at least four cited quotes:

  • Why a cathedral?
  • What is the narrator’s epiphany at the end of the story?
  • How would you state the theme of “Cathedral” in your own words?
  • How does Carver uses the eyes motif to convey theme and message?  You should address the use of blindness and figurative sight as well as selection of detail.



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If you are going to be out November 19th and 20th, here’s what you’ll need: we’re going to read “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker and trace the character development of one of the main characters, Dee, Maggie, or the narrator (mom), then write out a theme based on this characterization.  Read through the story and pull out 6-8 quotes (cited) that show the development of a specific character.  For each quote, write out what it indicates about that character and her development.  Then write out a sentence articulating a theme of the story based on that character development.

Next we’ll be taking some notes on figurative language (which may be review for some of you).  The characterization and figurative language notes can be found here: Figurative Language and Characterization

And if you lost your tone warm-ups like some jive turkey, here ya go: Tone Activity  Happy Thanksgiving!

Hunters in the Snow

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Nov. 8-9: As a way of introducing prose analysis (which is the second essay question on the AP exam) we’re applying Patterns in Literature to Tobias Wolff’s “Hunters in the Snow.”  Directions can be found here: Hunters in the Snow.