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swing-for-the-fences-vinyl-wall-designWe’re reading August Wilson’s classic, Fences in class.  (Quiz November 27th) Here’s a PDF of the script in case you fall behind: fences 

As we read, you’ll need to look up allusions (given to you in class on November 8th) and jot down some notes on that allusion in your notebook.  Be prepared to tell the class about your findings and how they might add a layer of meaning to the play.

We’ll be talking a lot about symbolism, so you’ll want to review figurative language: Figurative Language and Characterization (quiz December 4th) and if you’re a little rusty on your drama terms, I have those too: Drama Terms.  

In Act 1, Scene 3 we’ll compare James Earl Jones’ interpretation of the  “How come you ain’t never liked me?” scene with Denzel Washington’s:

You can check out a few more scenes from Broadway’s 2010 revival here.

Here’s the symbols and theme worksheet  from class and some notes: Fences Themes

There’s a bunch of criticism you might find helpful in interpreting the play.  After we’re done reading, you’ll be assigned one of the following to read and present to the class: Baseball as History and Myth in August Wilson’s FencesWife as MediatorWalking around Fences, or Wrestling Jacob.  You’ll have to answer these questions: criticism-questions