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Lost in the Maze Photo by Burst on Unsplash

For our upcoming bildungsroman unit, you’ll have the choice between four texts. (Buildings what?  Bildungsroman is a coming of age novel that focuses on the development of a young person as he develops and finds his place in the world.)

You will also have the option of either annotating the novel (a great thing to practice) for a grade or taking quizzes on it.   I do have some copies I can lend out, but most students will want to obtain their own copies so they can write in them.  You do not have to buy new copies, so feel free to hit up McKay’s or

You will have to have the book physically in your possession by November 7th.  Showing me an Amazon receipt or asking to borrow the book on the 7th is not acceptable.  The sooner you obtain your copy the better because if you go to Barnes and Noble or Scuppernong on the day before you need it, you might find yourself Sorry Out of Luck or reading a book you don’t like.

The final project we are working towards is here: Bildungsroman character presentation 2018.  Keep this in mind as you read so that you can select a character you’d like to present and pick out quotes that best portray that character.

Click below for introductions to each novel (more…)