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Here’s the Power Point I shared in class: Syntax Terminology 2018

And here are some warm ups we’ll be working on: convoluted sentences,   Types of Sentences review,  Rhetorical Device Review Warm up

You can also view the terms by clicking below:



BanksyTypes of poetry notes can be found here:Types of Poetry 2018 and the identification examples we did can be found here: Poetry Identification Practice (2)

We’ll be doing oodles of awesome poetry the next few weeks, so you’re not going to want to miss class, but in case you do, check the Google calendar.  Any of the poems we read could be found pretty easily with a web search.

Tackling the sonnet, which we will do on Oct. 4&5 is here: Tackling the Sonnet.

The figurative language in poetry and narrative poetry assignments for Oct. 8&9 are here: Poetry Assignments 411-416.  And don’t forget about Whitman and Hughes

Oct. 12-16 we will try Understanding Tone through art  (Understanding Tone through art worksheet) and Tackling the AP Poetry prompt.

Stay tuned for more!

Sound Devices

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Notes and Literary Terms

The sound device Power Point from class can be found here: sound devices 2018

Or if you can view it in a super big phone and tablet compatible version by clicking below